Fight for Freedom

Dear fellow Republicans,

Are you willing to fight for our freedoms? Do you agree that for far too long our voices haven’t been heard in Augusta? Do you believe that we need strong leaders in Augusta that will fight for us?!

I have to tell you, I am sick and tired of the Democrats being in control! I am sick and tired of our freedom being stolen, and Maine people being left behind. That is why I have stepped up to launch the most aggressive effort to win the Republican majority in the State House. Then, and only then, can we work together to begin the process of repairing the damage that the Democrats have caused.

My question for you is: Are you willing to join me in the fight for freedom so that together we can abolish the status quo, elect bold leadership that will fight for you, and once again restore Maine back to “We the People?!”

– Rep. Laurel Libby

Our voices won’t be heard
Unless we make them heard!

Join The Fight for Freedom by filling out the form below and a member of my team will soon be in contact with you!

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